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Contemporary Art that Inspires Authentic Relationships to Our Environment,Our Organisations and to One Another.

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Contemporary Art, Sculpture for out doors,  gardens and public spaces as well as indoor galleries interactive an installation art. Contemporary maori Chinese art. Kenitic art and art that uses light t


Current Project


Cherry Plum Peach and Damson

The work is inspired from a Buddhist study which uses the metaphor of Cherry Plum Peach and Damson as a metaphor for life. The study has three main points.

1. Don’t give up

        It implies that Winter will always turn to spring, no matter how hard, cold and harsh the sufferings of life get don’t give up know that winter will always turn to spring that change is inevitable.

2. Equal Potential

      That all people have the right to flower, to reveal their true potential as human beings, to fulfil there mission in this world. You have the right and so does everyone else.



3. Celebrate Diversity

   It’s important to respect that everyone is different, we possess unique individuality and different ways of living which in turn informs our unique singular mission in this world.  By mission I am referring to our unique way in which we can add value to our world, to encourage, and to support all life. 



Re-Used Materials

The works are made from 95% reused material. Scrap Aluminium from the boat building
company Commando Boats a division of Metal Designs Ltd 2016 Ltd. I have a long working relationship with Phillip and his team who supply the material and have previously supplied water cutting for other sculptures.

Supplier of Re-Used Material and fine boats 00-64-9-274 5586

They are painted and will be one of four colours


Red (darkish deep from the Marae) Gold (deep from Asian sacred objects), Blue (dark rich sky blue A scared Tuhoe colour) and purple (church Anglican coloured part of a priests attire). The paint is all two pot car paints.


The new work will be exhibited first at these events below


29th November to the

3rd of December 2017

Flaxmere Christchurch

26th of October until the

29th of October 2017