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Contemporary Art that Inspires Authentic Relationships to Our Environment,Our Organisations and to One Another.

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When working with clients on commissions I ask myself the question “How can I best add value?” to the family group, the space, the community, the organisation or to the business I am working with. I like to listen and to use my intuition to be able to provide an art work that allows the client to express a part of them or a part of their organisation that is otherwise unseen. I like to help make their unseen values and philosophies seen, it allows others access to these philosophies, values and stories which in turn helps to inspire more authentic relationships.   



Fonterra Mauri Stone


Title: Mauri Stone
Collection: Fonterra

Location: Ground floor Fonterra building Downtown Auckland
Materials: Basalt, takaka marble, pounamu.
Scale: 1400mm high


Fonterra's story I helped to co-author with their staff.Our Punga Story An anchor is used at significant points on a journey. It harbours us in uncertain conditions, keeping us safe and secure. Our contemporary Punga (Māori anchor) acknowledges both our Anchor brand as one of New Zealand’s oldest and best known trademarks and the history of Fonterra that has led to the Co-operative we are today.


The Punga brings together a unique selection of stone from across this land. Basalt from Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) is used to symbolise Papatūānuku (the Earth Mother). She embraces Ranginui (the Sky Father) represented by embellished white marble from Takaka (Nelson, Golden Bay). The union between the two is the source from which all life began.

After being separated, Ranginui still cries for Papatūānuku. His tears are inlayed into the marble using Pounamu (greenstone), a precious New Zealand stone sourced from the Arahura River in the West Coast of the South Island. These tears continue to nurture life and purify our land. It is their sacred relationship that enables life to flourish, providing nutrients that sustain all life.


Our contemporary Punga marks a journey in time. The stone emerges from the past, but the way it has been selected and crafted with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei brings with it the same unique innovative spirit that has always driven Fonterra and the same collaborative spirit that will continue to guide us on our journey.

These are the unique characteristics of our cooperative that enable us to share our ingenuity, our expertise, and our passion for dairy with the world .
In the completion of this taonga Fonterra would like to mihi to Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Dion Hitchens, Gene Watene and The Well Connected Alliance. The momentum achieved through our collective efforts on this journey is acknowledged through the Whakaara Hoe Ōkahu (the wake of the paddle from Ōkahu) carved in the left hand face of the Punga.


Aroha Mai


Title: Aroha Mai

Collection: Warburton Private Collection.

Materials: powder coated steel.

Scale: all forms are approximately 2-3 meters H,
0.5 meters W, 0.5 meters D.


Aroha Mai is a private commission that started with a conversation over a coffee. It is a very personal piece that acknowledges a loss and a traumatic event that happened decades ago. The process of acknowledgement enabled conversations to flow and healing to happen.